Getting my stories together


Why this initiative?

I know, there are many questions from those who know me, near ones, dear ones, who want to know why and how I started this whole process…

Ok…ready for the answer

I don’t have one answer:)…

I would like to quote (courtesy: Get Storied by Michel Margolis)

“Just about everyone is in the midst of reinvention.

“Re-framing your reality — while staying true to who you are — is no walk in the park.”

“Story is about relationship; who am I; where do I belong; what is mine to do?”

“If you want to change the world, change your story.”


There you have it all my reasons…

We all are looking, learning, assimilating, understanding, and in this process reinventing ourselves. We try to relearn and unlearn, question and answer the many challenges and situations we encounter in this story of our living.

What are these choices that make us do what we land up doing?

What are the stories behind our being who we are, and how we are?

Why do some people choose to impact others at a stage in life when they would or could be following the same beaten track?

Why do some people change their stories?

How do we reinvent and undergo a completely different brand imaging?

Do women have greater difficulty changing their thinking or appearance or image?

Why do some women change their image, their appearance to the world?

How does the world react to this sea of change?

How are such reinvented individuals perceived?

So many questions????!!!

Story telling in any form is my passion…written and oral forms, performance and narrative styles, dialogue, prose, poetry fascinates me…

Personal stories are even more fascinating, as they are the weft and waft of who we are Historically, Culturally, and Socially…

So I wish to record stories of individuals ( women, as I am one!!) who reinvented themselves and made an impact on society in any way…and this blog is my way.

How are such reinvented individuals perceived?

As my reader You are expected to leave a comment on these narratives, record your feelings, thoughts, and opinions and weave yourself into these Personal Stories…

See How they Impact You…

Tell me…


2 responses »

  1. Gandhi, who else? a man who constantly re-invented himself and was finally evolved into a mahatma! A hero for all times. My vote and the first vote here is for GANDHI

  2. I never questioned this initiative, but i really enjoy your answers. Looking forward to the compilation. All the best!

    “why do we change our stories?” is quite interesting. (I wonder when we ever not.) when we do it intentionally, it could be because we heal, we repair relationships, certain beliefs mature, we estrange or reconnect and so on. Most of all I think mindful re-storying stays us on the journey of internal revolution, the art of watching who we are through the most ordinary & extraordinary events of life.

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