complexity and creativity.

transformation happens in us to enable us to reinvent ourselves.

this blog records such stories. saluting all those women who worship creativity and complexity and who live what they think


Re Invention stories


1)      Birth Story: When (the time or period, 60’s 70’s etc, with dates)

Where (location and family background)

How (circumstance born into: economic/cultural/)

Who with (the characters/ people who were)

(this segment must be a brief sketch)


2)      Childhood Stories (Growing up stories): (narrate an incident or a memory)

Stories from:

Early childhood/ School/ College

Growing up story

Any significant incident that has relevance to the Change that happened later (that highlights the difference in Thinking)


3) Stories of Adulthood

Story of how Choices were made relating to

Education / Career/ family

Any significant incident that has relevance to the Change that happened later


4) Re Invention Story

Incidents leading to the point at which Reinvention occurred/ happened (Why/ How/


  • What happened to lead you down this path
  • what are/were you trying to resolve/ reconcile
  • what are/were your conflicts that you finally found answers to
  • what are/were your defining moments, that shaped and defined who you are/ your thinking
  • what do you know ( insights) by the very nature and experience of who you are
  • what have you learned through this process of hard work, growth and/or pain
  • where do you possess the deepest passions and curiosities
  • What is your vision? (what is yours to do?)


(Story prompts for Re Invention taken from “Get storied” by Michel Margolis)


Please note these are but story prompts to help create or put your story together.


Final compilation will be edited.


Thanks a ton



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  1. I am a father of two preschoolers and from time to time I make toddler apps – am working on an idea of making small interactive story book app and was looking for someone to record the audio (in English) for small stories that I want to use. I came across your profile on Storytelling Institute website and thought of contacting you – can you do something like this i.e. record high quality audio and send it to me – or do you know of some good storytellers in Kolkata whom I can connect to (I can arrange for recording myself here).

    Please let me know
    Just out of interest – if you have excerpts of any of your stories, then please send the link to me – my sons are 2 and 4 and every night I tell them stories with a lot of animation and try to change my pitch and voice as well – am keen on listening to professional storytellers myself even though the stories are for kids only 🙂

    Rajat Bhadani

    +91 9830888350

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